Special Support Programs

We are pleased to offer short term and long term lease options for our clients. We are willing to customize leases for use of a mobile exciter. At Mobile Excitation Services we understand our customers and are always willing to work with them and their specific needs. Our company is committed to creating new ideas and solutions with the needs of the end user in mind. Please contact our sales staff to discuss your specific requirements.

We are here to help you stay on track with your equipment.

The best way to head off a potential problem with your excitations system is to address its condition and potential risks before a problem arises. We would appreciate an opportunity to work with you.

To find out more contact one of our sales representatives today.

rentals & sales

  • Basler - DECS-200 Digital Excitation Control System - more

  • GenSim Test Sets

  • Doble Relay Test Sets

  • Capacitance and Dissipation Test Sets (Power Factor)

  • Westinghouse WTA and WTA-300 Voltage Regulator Parts - more