A Few Words About Us

Mobile Excitation Services has been successfully installing emergency exciters since 2004.

Our company developed with an understanding that the power industry needed another choice besides the large OEM’s for emergency excitation during a catastrophic exciter failure. Although a generator’s excitation system is often overlooked and can be maintenance starved, exciters are a critical part of power generation and if a plant is caught off guard could potentially lead to a financial crisis with tremendous capital losses. At MOBEX we are committed to help power producers with reliable support in case of excitation failure.

We are committed to be the independent source for Mobile Exciter Services. Our mobile exciters are strategically located in the United States and can quickly be dispatched to any location in North America. Our services will allow your plant to continue to produce power while providing your company ample time to make critical repairs, service, or replace your existing exciter. We work with a network of experienced engineers and field technicians that are available to support your excitation service requirements 24/7 365 days a year.

The logical and intelligent choice.

In the business of power generation, MOBEX is the logical and intelligent choice for customers to assess their risks and not fall victim to an emergency. Although none of us can predict the future, MOBEX wants the customer to be assured a temporary excitation solution is a phone call away.