Mobex Excitation Services

An independent choice for Mobile Exciter Rentals and Services

With the aging fleet of generator excitation units in power plants today, utilities are forced to evaluate their existing inventory and reduce their exposure through risk mitigation. Regulated, non regulated utilities, municipalities, coops, and corporations are faced with the challenge of maintaining their excitation systems as they approach the end of life cycles.

MOBEX will help plan your scheduled outage and allow your company to have a cost effective complete temporary static system on standby and if required, a properly sized collector assembly. MOBEX can quickly provide an onsite mobile exciter during an emergency event or allow your company to reserve a mobile exciter for short durations when a plant is ramping up off an outage. We are also available between outages if a plant is experiencing performance problems with an existing exciter that is on line. MOBEX understands every generation station is unique and will always work to customize a support program that works for that customer. MOBEX is the right choice in excitation support.

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